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Lulus Langsung Laku Campaign

Category :
Digital Development

Digital Marketing

LP3i (Lembaga Pendidikan dan Pengembangan Profesi Indonesia) is an educational institution that continuously harmonizes the quality of its education with the needs of the world of work in the formation of professional, faithful & devoted human resources. We have collaborated with Dipra communication we have developed a digital campaign through digital platform: social media, Google ads, Youtube ads, influencer in Instagram for the campaign Lulus Langsung Laku and the objective is driving a traffic to their online registration website.

What we did

Digital advertising: social media, google ads, video ads, influencer, online quiz and digital article.
KPI of campaign: 75.000 clicks on Social Media, 15.000 clicks on Google Ads, 20.000 Facebook Page Likes, 60.000 clicks on native article, 15 posts of KOL.