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E-Dinar Coin

E Dinar Coin

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Advertising placement

E-Dinar Coin is a cryptocurrency brand from Malaysia. In the year of 2016 they are establish there and eager to enter Indonesia market. Cryptocurrency is something new Indonesian people, not many understand about this new kind of trading system that might go well in the future.
In reaching out Indonesian people E-Dinar Coin focus using digital as their tools to reach the target with instagram, twitter and on facebook fan page has a big number of follower. Consider that Indonesia is very big in size and number of people, E-Dinar look for different way to reach the people. The idea is to reach dream of many people and using airlines commercial ad as a new way to get attention of people.
In need to create ad material that suitable with advertising on airplane, photo shooting need to be done to have good quality campaign. With this campaign, Indonesia Advertising assemble professional model and photographer and completed this task with good credit from the client.

What we did

Digital advertising: social media creative development and ads management
Photo Session + Models for promotional item

E Dinar Coin Photo session for Advertising