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Our primary strength is to provide our expertise in knowing the Indonesian market.

Shortly about us

Indonesia Advertising is an advertising agency in Indonesia, located in the bustling city of Jakarta. We specialize in advertising and social media as well as business marketing to promote or launch a business kine in Indonesia from across the world strategy to enter Indonesia market. Provide our expertise in entering the Indonesia market; develop the advertise campaign, selecting the media support, market research and also targeting the right customer. This help provide the business to be a part of the Indonesia market as it express themselves to the world.

Our services is wide range from media buying, online strategy, press release and graphic media with our eye catching design that is being develop by our design team we create strong relation with our clients.

We are learn of people who are passionate to enlarge the market of Indonesia. Take the market to the next level wih strong competition on our side and challenges face we still manage to expose our business internationally.

Why Choose Us?

Enlarge the advertising situation of Indonesia to the next level, to influence the world about the Indonesia market in advertising term.
To give the very best possible media campaign or advertise goods and services in Indonesia. To help international business enter the local market.
Low Budget High Impact Creative Ads with impactfull meaning Express work

What We Do

Our primary strength is to provide our expertise in knowing the Indonesian market. We give solution for advertisement obstacle that might have.

Media Planning & Buying

Commercial Ads Development

Brand Activation

Social Networking Service

How It Works

Ideas that lead to new actions.

Social Media Marketing

Maintenance and development


Photography, video, microsite and application

Special Project Events

Exhibition and Seminar

Advertising Campaign

Media Buying and Monitoring

Creative Design

Print Design, 3D Design, Animation, and Packaging

We see Advertisement as a piece of art to attract customers
to influence the world in marking them one with us.


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